La Divina Providencia

Finca La Divina Provincia is like many other farms in El Salvador—just cultivated land with coffee trees and no wet mill. It’s normal to do toll processing at central pulperies. The farm is concentrated in one area, but the different blocks are spread out and were purchased at different times by the family. The owner is extremely dedicated to the agronomy part of coffee farming. Most of the trees are very old with enormous stems. As with many other farms in the area, it was planted with what they refer to as Kenya variety some generations ago. It’s an African variety brought in to the farms in the area. It’s mixed in with the old Bourbon Elite which is the original El Salvadorian Bourbon. All new plantings they do at the farm are the Kenya Varietal. The producer uses a new organic fertilizer called Huisil, mixed with some traditional fertilizers. The trees look extremely healthy and we believe it contributes to a better cup. The farmer has gone back to the old way of pruning as well, called the parra system, where they bend down the mother stem and allow new shoots develop into trees on the old one.


Farm: La Divina Providencia      

Wet mill: La Gloria

Region: Palo Campana Area, Santa Ana Region

Altitude: 1630 – 1750 masl

Producer: Roberto Ulloa

Varietals: Mainly Bourbon Elite and “Kenya”.

Grade: Screen 15 up, zero defects.

Production: All coffees are pulped, dry fermented, washed, and sundried on clay patio.

Process: Well trained pickers are given good incentives to select ripe cherries only. In addition the coffee is hand sorted in the fields before it’s sent to the mill. The coffee is brought down to the La Gloria wet mill some kilometers down the road in the afternoon to be processed. They have a traditional Gordon Smith horizontal pulper to remove the skin and pulp. The parchment is fermented 6 – 8 hours before it’s washed mechanically to remove the remaining mucilage. The coffees are then graded by density in washing channels.

Drying: Sun dried on clay patio 8 – 12 days. The coffees are piled up and covered with plastic at mid day and at night.


Notes: The farm is in an area well known for coffees with a different, more acidity-driven and intense cup than most other areas in El Salvador.

The soil, weather conditions, varietals and altitude all contributes to the uniqueness of the product. The producer is progressive in terms of the way of farming. They have lot traceability for every day’s production and all daily lots are cupped and approved before they get mixed in to batches.

Cupping notes: Citric and dark cherry aromas. Distinct, currant-like and red grape acidity. Warming dark fruit notes and sweet red cherry flavors. Good intensity and well structured mouth feel. High on acidity, but has enough sweetness and body to back it up. The overall impression is a sweet, intense and very transparent cup, without any bitterness and tartness.

Download information: La Divina Providencia fact sheet

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