El Martillo

This is part of a project with an El Salvadorian producer, Jose Antonio Salaverria and his family. He has three large pieces of land with coffee production around the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. The coffees are all processed at their central mill, Las Cruces, that’s owned by the same family. Their coffee growing areas consist of a great number of farms he has inherited or bought over the last few years, but up until now they have not separated the coffees according to the different farms.

They have separated out 10 small farms and blocks where we will do extensive work on quality, and Guadalupe is one of them. This is part of a long-term project where we, together with the producer, will try to optimize quality by changing the process to prepare a different and value added product. It’s done by changing the processing and drying methods as well as increase the lot traceability and separation.

For more info visit: The Las Cruces project

Farm: El Martillo

Wet mill: Las Cruces

Region: Apaneca Ilamatepec, Santa Ana Region

Altitude: 1650 masl

Producer: Jose Antonio Salaverria

Varietals: Local Bourbon/ Pacas hybrid (San Francisico variety) and Pacamara

Grade: Screen 16 up, zero defects.

Production: Pulped and demucilaged with Jotagallo eco pulpers. Soaked and patio dried

Process: Well-trained pickers are given good incentives to select ripe cherries only. The coffee is brought down to the Las Cruces wet mill some kilometers down the road in the afternoon to be processed. They use new Jotagallo eco pulpers with mechanical demucilager to remove the skin, pulp and about 70% of the mucilage. The parchment is soaked over night in clean water before it’s washed. The parchment comes out bright and clean with no residue of mucilage.

Drying: Sun dried on clay patio 8 – 12 days. The coffees are piled up and covered with plastic at mid day and at night.

Soil: Volcanic soils

Notes: The farm is in an area well known for sweet, delicate and classic El Salvadorian coffees. The soil, weather conditions, varietals and altitude all contribute to the uniqueness of the product. The producer is known to be innovative in ways of processing and farming. He is also a Co-founder in of Huisil, a locally made organic fertilizer he now uses together with traditional fertilizers—with great results!

Cupping notes: Red currant and cocoa aroma. Red currant and blackberry like acidity. Classic mature red fruit notes and sweet cherry flavors. Rounded, but juicy and delicate. Medium acidity, complexity and fruit intensity. The overall impression is a sweet and subtle, slight fruit driven and pleasant cup.

Download information: El Martillo fact sheet

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